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Ver vídeo  up to 100,000 people died in drug-related violence in mexico in the last 6 years we might think this has nothing to do with us, but in fact we are all complicit. August 30, 2011 - mexican officials allege that five suspects arrested in connection with the mexico casino fire are members of the los zetas drug cartel. Drug cartel assassins who killed three film students and dissolved them in acid did the same thing to at least nine other victims, police in mexico have revealed. Drug cartel news find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about drug cartel from the tribunedigital-chicagotribune. What is considered a drug cartel may vary wildly and can include everything from street gangs to traditional mafia groups to loosely affiliated individual dealers.

The cartel is an alliance of several powerful drug lords that operates in dozens of countries guzman, the cartel's head, was one of the most-wanted drug barons in. Find mexico drug cartel latest news, videos & pictures on mexico drug cartel and see latest updates, news, information from ndtvcom explore more on mexico drug cartel. Jimenez lugo, 14, was accused of serving as a drug cartel hitman and beheading the victims, army officials said jimenez lugo, 14,.

Directed by paul krasny with alex mcarthur, dennis farina, julie carmen, michele placido a dea agent goes to columbia to take on the cartel he learns that the. 10 san fernando massacres although the majority of victims in the mexican drug wars are rival cartel members, no one is truly safe in the spring of 2011, the los. The sinaloa cartel (spanish: cártel de sinaloa) is an international drug trafficking, money laundering, and organized crime syndicate established during the mid. How the world’s most powerful drug traffickers run their billion-dollar business.

With the big news this week of the arrest of joaquín “el chapo” guzmán’s, the head of mexico’s largest drug cartel, most of the attention is being paid to. Is a drug cartel's serial killer behind a 32-year-old marion county cold case a convicted murderer who claims to have killed 36 men across 12 states. Noun: 1 drug cartel - an illicit cartel formed to control the production and distribution of narcotic drugs drug cartels sometimes finance terrorist organizations.

Turning point by hannah & haesoo mexican drug cartels what are drug cartels criminal groups with the purpose of promoting and controlling drug sales. The mexican drug war (also known as the mexican war on drugs spanish: guerra contra el narcotráfico en méxico) is an ongoing, low-intensity asymmetric war between. Though it was originally used as the active ingredient in health tonics and elixirs, it was not until the 1950s that cocaine became an illicit drug in the united states. 13 things to know about los zetas, the ruthless mexican drug cartel drug smuggling and sales los zetas alleged member of the los zetas cartel and. The term drug cartel remains the dominant term used colloquially and in the press, but so me experts disagree with this because cartel mexico's drug cartels.

drug cartel El cartel de sinaloa tiene  tenía un expediente abierto y las autoridades de estados unidos le tenían precio a su cabeza a través de la drug enforcement.

This is a list of the members and active supporters of the drug cartel operated by brothers ramon and hector salazar note that this list excludes jack bauer, who. A drug cartel is a criminal organization formed primarily to produce and distribute drugs in mexico there are several and very powerful cartels dedicated to these. News about mexican drug trafficking (mexico's drug war), the divergent lives of two brothers — a bricklayer in texas and a.

The juárez cartel (spanish: cártel de juárez), also known as the vicente carrillo fuentes organization, is a mexican drug cartel based in ciudad juárez, chihuahua. Jose manuel martinez, 55, also known as 'el mano negra,' claims to have killed 36 men across dozens of states over a 40-year period, including a 1986 shooting in salem.

How mexican drug cartels are fueling america's deadly heroin epidemic todd frankel for the drug cartel la familia michoacana, a drug dealer's phone,. Video from mexico from the assassins from los zetas drug cartel executing a captured man during the attempt at decapitation, the zetas act borderline retarded. Mexican drug cartel violence began in 2004 at the mexico/us border city of nuevo laredo, when the gulf and los zetas cartels fought off the sinaloa cartel. Arrested 21 suspected members of a drug trafficking organization working on behalf of the mexican sinaloa cartel this operation effectively dismantled the.

drug cartel El cartel de sinaloa tiene  tenía un expediente abierto y las autoridades de estados unidos le tenían precio a su cabeza a través de la drug enforcement. drug cartel El cartel de sinaloa tiene  tenía un expediente abierto y las autoridades de estados unidos le tenían precio a su cabeza a través de la drug enforcement. Download
Drug cartel
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